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Note: All my books and stories are standalone. You may start with Home Is Not Home and add Rainbow’s Start after the 4th or 5th Home Is; or you may start with Rainbow’s Start and add the Home Is series later. All stories and novels are in my one universe.


Home Is… Series

Home Is Not Home

1st volume in Home Is Series

Adia, Scientist of Areon, researches the most volatile substance in the galaxy. Ryonne~, King of Ye~ and Most High Diplomat to the Emperor, is sent on the most difficult missions in seven galaxies as intergalactic war looms closer to their star system. Adia’s love for Ryonne~ will save him, and possibly end the War, if she can just learn to control the balky Cube of White Light.

Zhea~ Year 7818-19 694pp. Rated PG. Young Adult. Now In Paperback! http://dannistories.com


Also on Kindle


Home Is New 2nd Volume in Home Is Series

Adia and her injured husband, Ryonne~, land on Earth, where Laura Martin, a nurse, helps Ryee recover. Earth, a primitive planet, does not have contact with other worlds. Adia must use the White Cube of Light to defeat Eriganh and his Red Cube of Fire to save thirteen galaxies—but, it is very unpredictable. Zhea~ Year 7819 456pp. Novel. PG. Young Adult.


Home Is Far Away 3rd Volume in Home Is Series

Adia and Ryee are stranded on Earth, and injured from the Battle of the Cubes. They fight against time and nitrogen poisoning to reassure Earth’s governments while Ye~’s scientists find a way to bring them home. But, though the White Cube of Light is destroyed, some Gifts remain for Adia–with injuries if she uses them–and all of them must adjust to postwar life on Ye~. Zhea~ Year 7819-20 518pp. Rated PG Young Adult


Home Is A Place Of Healing 4th Volume in Home Is Series

Adia accompanies Ryonne~ on a dangerous mission which changes their lives forever. Yet, Adia’s Gifts bring them through slavers, insanity, and a change of occupation. Because of her Gifts, Emperor Ry’nao asks for the new Ye~ Unwell Colony, and his new Ennead spreads the New Healing through thirteen needy galaxies. With some very unlikely members. Zhea~ Year 7820-21 590 pp  Rated PG Young Adult


Home Is A Difficult Journey

5th Volume in Home Is Series. Dovetails with Rainbow’s Start, Vol. 1 in Rainbow Series. Zbbat War brings changes to Ryonne~’s kingdom. Some changes are signs of contact with a higher trade level. Zhea~ Year 7822-24 326pp. Rated PG Young Adult


Home Is Change

6th Volume in Home Is Series. Dovetails with Rainbow’s Start, Vol. 1 in Rainbow Series. Ryonne~ travels with Emperor Ry’nao to negotiate with Dai’nos, King of Ishah and Praefate of Elshar, for healers. While there, Ryonne~ collapses of exhaustion, and Ry’nao’s choice of treatment has adverse effects. Ahstam comes to help. Patients Doug and Jen, Russ and Suma, benefit from the Yeff delegation. Laura’s heart surgery saves her son W’Vie & Geor~geh, Dai’nos’ adopted son. Will trade of her Earthan surgery techniques convince King Dai’nos? Zhea~ Year 7824


Home Is Unwell

7th Volume in Home Is Series. Dovetails with Rainbow’s Start, Vol. 1 in Rainbow Series. Ryonne~ struggles to govern and work as healer despite fevers and unwells caused by the Change, the rise from one trade level to the next. But, slavers plague the small colony. Zhea~ Year 7825-26 346pp.


Home Is Refuge

8th Volume in Home Is Series. Dovetails with Rainbow’s Start, Vol. 1 in Rainbow Series. The half-Ty’nirrhans colonize near Oshfah. Friends find healing in the colony of unwell. But, dangers increase from the attention these new friends bring to bear on Ye~. Zhea~ Year 7827


Home Is Memory, Home Is Illusion 9th Volume in Home Is Series. Dovetails with Rainbow’s Start, Vol. 1 in Rainbow Series.

The Change completes, Vadia & W’Vie leave for the Council, and the New Diplomacy begins. But some of the Councillors’ promises are unwell. Zhea~ Year 7827-28


Home Is A Dream Of Well

10th Volume in Home Is Series. Dovetails with Rainbow Stories, 2nd volume in Rainbow Series. Ryonne~ And Adia’s son W~Via returns. An apology from the Council leads the travelers to Sghan Mas Consortium for retraining. Ryee falls into enemy hands. Can his son save him, and Ye~? Zhea~ Year 7828


Home Is The Reign 11th Volume in Home Is Series. Dovetails with Rainbow Stories, 2nd volume in Rainbow Series. Ryonne~ passes the Reign to his son, W~Via, as the kingdom falls into slavery and the Council hides the remnant after their escape. But, even Zhea~ isn’t safe. Can they trust the Council, when Councillors are fighting amongst themselves? Zhea~ Year 7828


Home Is Not Ye~ 12th Volume in Home Is Series. Dovetails with Rainbow Stories, 2nd volume in Rainbow Series. After a year of slavery, the Yeff join all of Zhea~ in hiding after King Lyyyrah’s rescue. When will they be safe? Zhea~ Year 7829


Home Is Rainbow 13th Volume in Home Is Series. Dovetails with Rainbows Growing, 3rd volume in Rainbow Series. The Yeff move to Rainbow Colony of Unwell, as the people of Zhea~ return home. But, the Galactic Council is unsure of how to protect themselves, or the Yeff, from Councillors! Zhea~ Year 7830-31


Look for more to come soon! Home Is Elders

14th Volume in Home Is Series. Dovetails with Rainbows Growing, 3rd volume in Rainbow Series. Unfinished The New Healing begins in Rainbow with the arrival of Elder Pirad of Bisillipia. W~Via finally gains contact with Kieta, who forms Rainbow’s Collective. But, she is young and inexperienced. Can she help them against the rogue Councillors? Zhea~ Year 7831-32

Rainbow Series

Rainbow’s Start 1st volume in Rainbow Series. Dovetails with Home Is A Difficult Journey, 5th Volume, through Home Is Memory, Home Is Illusion, 9th Volume, in Home Is Series.

Molly Brown, only 15, follows her family’s adopted slaves from Earth to space and leads a colony start into trouble. Binneas, Diplomat of Fhiah, finds them on Questalod as Emperor Ry’nao makes plans for a new healer colony on Binneas’ home Alb Seer. Molly eagerly leads Rainbow Unwell Colony with 525 slaves she acquired to heal and free; but, her love for Binneas grows along with the colony and its reputation for miracles. Can a teenager become a queen and lead the colony? Zhea~ Year 7822-24 525pp. Novel. Rated PG. Young Adult.


Rainbow Stories 2nd volume in Rainbow Series.

Dovetails with Home Is A Dream Of Well 10th Volume, through Home Is Not Ye~, 12th Volume, in Home Is Series.

Queen Molly Brown and new King Binneas, newlyweds, take care of their growing colony as more Zheien colonies fall to slavers. They try to help Emperor Ry’nao, but slavers take Ye~, and a new emperor must take refuge in Rainbow as dark times come to the Unified and the Alliance. Timespace itself is disrupted by the struggle between tech levels, but what can a healer do? Zhea~ Year 7824-31 525pp. Novel. Rated PG. Young Adult.


Rainbows Growing 3rd volume in Rainbow Series.

Dovetails with Home Is Rainbow, 13th Volume in Home Is Series. Rainbow welcomes the Yeff Remnant with its master healers of master healers, and Rainbow becomes the last hope of slaves who would surely die elsewhere. Zhea~ Year 7831

Rainbow Journey 4th volume in Rainbow Series. Dovetails with Home Is Rainbow, 13th Volume in Home Is Series.

Rainbow treaties bring adopted slaves from Earth, and inmates of Questalod, including MarKu’s lost royal family. Nufera’s Homerean herbalry fails. Molly’s healers must find other ways to treat victims of slaver herbs, including First Prince Goes of MarKu. Zhea~ Year 7831-32

Rainbow Refuge 5th volume in Rainbow Series. Dovetails with Home Is Rainbow, 13th Volume in Home Is Series.

The Elshar Zheien Colony flees to Rainbow, and the Ean remnant comes from Zhea~ with King Tos, who vanished when Binneas came injured to Rainbow. Zhea~ Year 7832-35

Look for more to come soon! Rainbow Secrets 6th volume in Rainbow Series. Unfinished Dovetails with Home Is Rainbow, 13th Volume in Home Is Series.

The New Healing begins in Rainbow with the arrival of Elder Pirad of Bisillipia. W~Via finally gains contact with Kieta, who forms Rainbow’s Collective. An Earthan trader wields the Red Cube to battle the Blue Cube, and Satauuver. Zhea~ Year 7836-41

Other Novels

B’ansah Healer Colony Kop is sent to inspect B’ansah and finds nightmarish conditions.  The healer soon realizes this assignment is more than just a change of routine!

Zhea~ Year 7832-41 157pp. Novel. Rated PG-13


Colony To Colony Daughter of a single parent, Siar is named for a Zheien colony her mother always spoke about. Lack of an aandat and trade for passage stopped her. Siar decides to leave Earth in search of a better life. But, is this life better? Zhea~ Year 7834-41 295pp. Novel. Rated PG-13



Advice Naught Myrtle is used to being ignored, but her strong opinion suddenly brings powerful enemies to bear. Zhea~ Year 7839 82pp. Novella. Rated PG-13


AKA Slopfah Jonquil, Earthan slave, was buried in a rockslide in a mine. She wakes up in a healer colony, but can she believe she’s safe? Zhea~ Year 7837 93pp. Rated PG-13


Almost Like Perrie thinks meeting Diplomat Kuri Dahn is a lot of things, but it becomes danger. 148pp. Novella. Rated PG


Am Not Amber lives in a state of denial, but sooner or later, she will have to come to a decision. Then, a new face in her life brings it sooner. Zhea~ Year 7839 88pp. Novella. PG


Aquatic Desert Desi’s having more than a bad day, then a stranger pulls her out of the path of a bus. Zhea~ Year 7841-62 Novella. Rated PG New MarKu, Rainbow Unwell Colony Vol.7


Banatah Healer Olwen pretends to be a Gowan healer on Banatah, quietly raising herbs to trade. Suddenly, she must juggle a flood of eager traders wanting what she has, and patients. Zhea~ Year 7842 93pp. Novella. Rated PG-13


Brief Glory Katie Sorenson is an actress on Danger Service, a single mom who never left Earth. Her friendship with a DS Team reveals a talent that might save their lives. Zhea~ Year 7836-39 106pp. Novella. Rated PG


Bye Again Bettina is recruited by a diplomat’s secretary to help him with a little Zheien herbalry because he avoids healers. But, when she wants to learn more Zheien healing in slave rescue, she learns that slavers are watching her. Zhea~ Year 7837 101pp. Novella. Rated PG-13


Can’t Talk About That Bettina is recruited by a diplomat’s secretary to help him with a little Zheien herbalry because he avoids healers. But, when she wants to learn more Zheien healing in slave rescue, she learns that slavers are watching her. Zhea~ Year 7844 105pp. Novella. Rated PG-13


Dad’s Cabin Alma goes to her dad’s cabin for the last time, and finds Diplomat Joe, injured. Suddenly the country isn’t so safe, after all. Zhea~ Year 7838 87pp. Novella. Rated PG-13


Diplomat-In-Aid Young diplomatic student, Aurelia Jensen, is assigned to a Zheien diplomat, but instead of memorizing treaty provisions, she visits other Zheien in prison. Zhea~ Year 7838 91pp. Novella. Rated PG-13


Trader’s Holdings Cindy goes on a date with Ber, but he’s hurt when he meets her at the Atlanta Temple. She takes him home and police advise her not to see him anymore. An Elshar with enemies. Zhea~ Year 7832 147pp. Novella. Rated PG-13


Woman Lost Gussie feels lost in Atlanta, then she finds someone who’s even more lost. Zhea~ Year 7833 171pp. Novella. PG-13



Aardvark Practice Christa has dreams of a safer apartment, a car, maybe a ship, but her dreams turn into something more. Zhea~ Year 7839 40 pp. Novelette. Rated PG-13


Absolute Maybe Nicole has a friend who won’t get serious. He has dangerous enemies. Zhea~ Year 7839 40 pp. Novelette. Rated PG-13


Accidental Friend An Elshar befriends a Zheien, but when he is injured, no one will believe the Elshar’s story. Zhea~ Year 7832 Rated G.


Agricultural Hazard Sonya’s idyllic country life isn’t working, and her son, Randy’s out of control. But, she doesn’t realize that her husband, Will, is at the end. Zhea~ Year 7840 Rated G. 20pp.


Ajar Soul Emily finds Sier the Diplomat lying by the duck pond, and he’s not willing to call for help. Zhea~ Year 7842 Rated PG. 59pp.


Average Indemnity Foaltiarna’s average day at Aldredge Indemnity becomes a risk her boss can’t calculate. Zhea~ Year 7837 PG-13 Novelette.


Innocuous Dangers Ryonne~ has an obsession with a scientist on the planet his moon kingdom orbits, despite his parents’ warnings. An opportunity to join her work changes both their lives. Novelette. Rated G. 39pp.


Short Stories

A Difference of Cries Ocean cries bring special help. Zhea~ Year 7826 4 pp. Short. Rated G.


After Trash In a junkyard after dark, Elise loses one part and finds another. Zhea~ Year 7839. 20pp. Rated G. Short Story.


Along The Stream An herbalry, her ducks, and a persecuted Zheien in Fin Colony. Zhea~ Year 7838 24pp. Short Story. Rated G.


Angel of Gowa Abel’s search for political refugees among Gowa’s addicts brings him to an enlightening meeting with Tiffany, Earthan Angel of Gowa. Zhea~ Year 7822 13pp. Short Story. Rated PG.


Angels, Visions and the Library Maggie’s small-town Tennessee library job becomes too exciting for comfort. An alien sends her holograms. Soon she’s on her way to Washington, DC to meet Litoup and take a position as trader. She wanted excitement… Zhea~ Year 7815 29pp. G Short Story.


Apprentice Healer Jolene becomes apprentice healer at Brothers, a slave rescue agency. But, she’s not who she seems. Zhea~ Year 7835 16pp. PG-13 Short Story.


Armageddon On The Front Lawn Of The Millennium Apartments Marta had trouble getting used to life in the USA. Now, she’s suddenly caught up in a battle between a diplomat, a slave trader, an escaped slave, and a gang war! Zhea~ Year 7817 9pp. G Short Story.


Asha’s Gift Sula notices that diplomats aren’t around long to negotiate the Treaty, despite anticipation of new tech. Her curiosity leads to danger. Zhea~ Year 7820 34pp. PG Short Story.


Aural Silence Angelica increasingly feels every time she speaks, someone disagrees. When she finally breaches her long silence, trouble comes for her and her friend. PG 31pp.


Awkward Moments Martel leads the Tech Team to Jenica for delivery of the new Hub server. Fighting between two warring groups aborts the mission. Where’s Martel? G 23pp. Short Story.


Axed Axella hates her name, and it fits about as well as she does in her job, which just went sour. Noplace to go but up. 38pp.


First Launch A girl’s fae tells of the first successful launch of an interplanetary craft from Zhea~. [Fae is Zheien for grandfather] Zhea~ Year 4825 Rated G. 4 pp. Short.


Whatz In The Closet Aronna brings a pet home, and Maia realizes it’s an Otherworlder. She fears persecution from the Government, but the Sedhlat have something else in mind. Maia has to figure out what. G. Home Is Series


Short-Short Stories

Dog’s Legacy Grandma shares her parrot’s secret with her granddaughter. Zhea~ Year 7823 3pp. Short-Short. Rated G.


Father Found Tia’s mother prepares her for her father’s homecoming. She begins a journey of understanding, the loss of innocence in a bittersweet return home. Zhea~ Year 7778 3pp. Short-Short. Rated G.


His Brother’s Song In a museum in Anniston, grandmother and granddaughter argue over a scientist’s research. Zhea~ Year 7840 Rated G. 2 pp. Short-Short.


Miracle Cure Pov experiences a miracle, compliments of Earth. Licorice saves his life. Rated G. 2pp. Short-Short.


Trader’s Gift Cesta’s coming of age too soon mirrors his father’s and takes him to far worlds. But, traders oft find surprises in the Gift…. Zhea~ Year 6626 Rated G. 2 pp. 450 words. Short-Short.


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